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Enjoy exceptional dishes showcasing sophisticated and authentic cuisine in a setting reflecting the history of Fensch Valley

Le Château de Wendel - Bienvenue



Discover or rediscover an exceptional setting reflecting the history of Fensch Valley at Le Château restaurant. The Wendel family’s ancestral home has been fully modernized to offer you the very best whilst retaining the traditional charm. Le Château restaurant is synonymous with authentic and sophisticated cuisine. The chef and his team showcase quality ingredients in a menu that changes with the seasons. You will love trying their traditional dishes prepared with regional produce.


Lovers of fine wine, why not sample our selection
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Chef Philippe Jégo

Philippe JEGO Chef 

Philippe Jégo, French Chef of the Year 2000, takes over the kitchens of Château Guy de Wendel in Hayange

From the Tour d'Argent in Tokyo to the Iron Towers that represent the Castle's history, the world is Philippe Jégo's oyster pot. This exceptional chef, who was named French Chef of the Year in 2000, is set to take over the kitchen of the Restaurant de la Demeure de la Dame du Fer d'Hayange on December 1st, 2017.

Philippe Jégo was travelling through Moselle when he fell under the spell of the former residence of the De Wendel family, which has been completely renovated in order to preserve its old splendour.

Steeped in the history of the Fensch Valley, this choice destination, with its wooded park covering more than four hectares, its pond hidden among the trees and its vast garden containing a lovely patio, left a strong impression on this exceptional chef and stimulated his creativity.

A masterful, well-trained chef who honed his craft in Alsace, Philippe Jégo was awarded the title of French Chef of the Year in 2000, which opened the doors of the Tour d'Argent restaurant in Tokyo. He has been in charge of many hotels, restaurants, inns and palaces, some of which have him to thank for their Michelin stars.

Alors qu’il passe la nuit à l’hôtel de la Demeure de la Dame du Fer, il demande à rencontrer Caroline Kazenas-Pallucca, la gérante des prestigieux locaux, et tout de suite, entre eux, la magie opère.

Their ideas blended and expanded like the flavours of the high-quality ingredients of great dishes, savoured with a desire to collaborate and delve into a new palette of gustatory and olfactory delights to be developed and shared.

This location, a symbol of new encounters and friendship, soon exercised its magnetism once more by bringing Sandra and Peter onto the team, both of whom are well familiar with the value of high-quality reception and service.

Philippe Jégo will add his signature to the new menus of the Restaurant du Château de Wendel in Hayange starting on December 1st, 2017, on which date his red, white and blue collar will officially adorn the kitchens, bringing with it the promise of a constant reinvention of flavours and the rediscovery of forgotten aromas. 



Opening time

  • From Tuesday to Friday lunch & dinner
  • Saturday evening and Sunday noon

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